The network of ReMida organization embarked in Reggio Emilia in 1996 and has now spread in cities across Europe and beyond. Its main objective is to promote the idea and culture of creatively reusing objects turning waste materials into resources in the context of sustainability, aesthetics and creativity.

The name of the organization constitutes the most eloquent allegory of its goals. It originates from the Latin word Rex, meaning “king” and the word Mida, the Latin name of the mythological king of Phrygia who could transform everything he touched into gold. Furthermore, the use of “Re” points to Recycling and Reusing.

The goals of ReMida organization inspire us as they are compatible with our pedagogical principles and aims. Thus, we collect waste/recyclable/industrial material and we organize, classify and present aesthetically in order to provide comprehensive stimuli for creatively re- acting upon the material. We gather the ReMida material from volunteers, professionals, industries, workshops, the local community and other contributors, thus initiating a wider dialogue concerning its objectives. The material is used at the atelier for ongoing projects, while it is the core of creative actions and autonomous workshops held by our pedagogues and external partners from various fields of expertise. For further information about ReMida, Reggio Emilia: